“EUROFOLK – ZAMOŚĆ 2024” (8-15.07.2024)

I. The International Folklore Festival “EUROFOLK – ZAMOŚĆ” has been organized in the month of July by The Association of the Friends of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna” in cooperation with the Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna” since 2002. The Festival gathers amateur groups, both Elaborated and Stylized, that present a high performance level, and whose members (both male and female) are over 16 years old.

The Festival does NOT arrange competitions of any sort for its participants.

The aim of the Festival is to promote folklore and folk art of individual countries, emphasize richness of the cultural diversity of Europe and the rest of the world.

The major concerts take place on an open-air stage situated at the heart of the picturesque Renaissance Great Market Square in the Old Town of Zamość. Concerts are also scheduled to take place in the nearby tourists locations of the region.


II. The Organizer: The Association of Friends of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna.”

The Association was established in September 1996. The Association’s statutory goals are: undertaking various actions aimed at maintaining national traditions, protection of cultural heritage, preserving Polish spirit, developing national consciousness, promoting folk dance and music, shaping aesthetic sensitivity, increasing musical culture, supporting the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Zamojszczyzna. The Association’s members are predominantly the parents of the children who belong to the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble Zamojszczyzna, former dancers and enthusiasts of folklore.

The Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna” presents music and dances of our region. The ensemble came into being in 1985, and exists thanks to the patronage of The Centre for Cultural Development. “Zamojszczyzna” consists of primary and secondary school pupils, students and people who are already professionally active. It comprises 2 youth and 4 children groups numbering more than 200 members in total. The ensemble’s program ranges from national to regional dances and songs faithfully reflecting the characteristics of our region. All the songs and dances “Zamojszczyzna” offers are prepared with ethnographic accuracy and they do justice to the spirit of past epochs. The ensemble, performing at all the most important festivals, charms the audience with its vigor, liveliness and marvelous folk costumes.

III. Participation Conditions and Festival Information.

  1. Duration of the Festival: 8-15.07.2024:
  • 8.07.2024 – the participants arrive (6-8 p.m.);
  • 15.07.2024– having eaten breakfast participants leave;
  • Please note that the group may depart only after the final concert (the closing ceremony) scheduled for 14.07.2024.
  • The group covers all of the travel costs to and from the festival;
  • The Organizer covers the costs of internal transport or the fuel costs related to traveling to and from concert locations scheduled outside Zamość;
  • The groups wishing to arrive in Poland by plane will be provided transport from and to the airport in Warsaw – however, the Application Form must include this information as well as times and flights numbers;
  • Potential visa costs are entirely covered by the group.
  1. The number and age of participants:
  • 35 people (dancers, musicians, accompanying persons, group management); youth and adult groups (over 16 years old).
  1. Transport:
  1. Accommodation and Meals:
  • The Organizers provide 3-4 person rooms situated in a youth hostel;
  • The drivers are located in a separate room;
  • The Organizers provide 3 meals a day and non-alcoholic drinks during concerts;
  • If there are people in the group who require specially prepared food (diet restricted by religion or health concerns), relevant information should be sent to the Festival Organizers at least one month before the event.
  1. Medical Care:
  • The Organizers provide first aid as well as basic medical assistance during the Festival;
  • Participants are obliged to have their own health insurance.
  1. Group’s Guide/Pilot:
  • The Organizers provide a Guide/Pilot and an Interpreter (of the language specified in the Application Form).

7.   Concerts:

  • The group is expected to prepare the following performances for the Festival concerts: 45, 30 and 15 minutes long – each of these performances should present a different program;
  • The group is also expected to prepare a 3-5 minutes program to be presented during the parade;
  • The group is expected to prepare a 8-10 minutes long performance for the opening concert (no costume changes);
  • Musicians are supposed to play acoustic instruments only (no recordings or electronic instruments are allowed);
  • Musicians are also supposed to prepare 30 minute instrumental presentations for the musical concerts;
  • During the opening and closing ceremonies/concerts 2 pairs from each of the participating groups are asked to perform a national Polish dance – the two pairs MUST participate in the rehearsal scheduled by the Organizers;
  • The major Festival concerts take place on an open-air stage (size: 10m x 9m) situated an the Great Market Square in Zamość;
  • The organizers provide a professional sound system and stage lightning, an opportunity of having sound and stage rehearsals and dressing rooms situated in a close proximity of the stage;
  • Festival concerts are also planned to take place outside Zamość – thus, the group should prepare a 45 minutes long presentation for the purposes of an individual performance;
  • The group CANNOT claim any payment for the Festival performances nor for additional scheduled performances, or television/radio broadcasts.

8.   Other:

  • The group may prepare a stand with souvenirs, folk art craftwork – selling audio/video records and souvenirs may only take place in a location specially prepared by the Organizers;
  • The group should come with its national flag;
  • The group should prepare gifts for: the Festival Organizer (to be given during the final concert on 14.07.2024), the Mayor of the city of Zamość (to be given during the meeting of all participating groups with the local authorities); the organizer of the concert outside Zamość;
  • The group is expected to prepare a dance to teach the other groups, as well as the festival audience;
  • The group’s members, accompanying persons and drivers should comply with the established regulations;
  • During the free time, the Organizers offer, among others: a sightseeing tour of Zamość, a trip around the Roztocze region, free admission to the Festival events;
  • The Organizers provide participants with Festival t-shirts, leaflets and other Festival promotional materials.

9.  The completed Application Form must be sent to the Organizer’s address before 14.04.2024.

The following materials should be attached:

  • The group’s promotional photos and a poster;
  • Brief information regarding the group and the program of performances;
  • The website link to the group’s performance (for example youtube, facebook, Instagram);
  • The Declaration of Acceptance for the Festival Regulations signed by a group’s manager.

13. Contact:

Zamojski Dom Kultury
ul. Partyzantów 13
2–400 Zamość

Tel.: (+4884) 6392021

Festival Director: Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst

14. Attachments:

International Folklore Festival “Eurofolk – Zamość 2024”: regulations + application form (docx)