In July 2015 the line-up of our band has changed completely. Mr. Jacek Szpunar has become the new musical director and band master. During the 14th International Folklore Festival “Eurofolk – Zamość 2015” the band played with the following line-up:

Jacek Szpunar – violin
Olga Wasilewska – violin
Agnieszka Obst-Chwała – violin
Maciej Szcześniak – accordion
Antoni Naraniecki – clarinet
Zygmunt Skwierz – trumpet
Stanisław Błach – contrabass
Przemysław Bednarz – drum
Krzystof Obst – drum
Jakub Kłus – contrabass

In August 2015 the following people have joined the band:

Wiktoria Bednarz – violin
Marcin Sołowiej – clarinet

Since January 2016 Maciej Szcześniak is the new bandmaster.

kapela_2015_1 kapela_2015_2


The Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna” is accompanied by a folk band comprised of 7 musicians. The basic line-up of the band is: two violins, a contrabass, a clarinet, a trumpet, an accordion, a drum. The band also accompanies the ensemble during events not held on stage – it plays during the folk nights organized during the Eurofolk festival, weddings of ensemble members and social gatherings. There are some people here, without whom Zamojszczyzna could not exist and vice-versa.


Accordion – Wojciech Tybulczuk – band director
Violins – Paulina Lupa, Katarzyna Puzio
Drum – Krzysztof Obst
Clarinet – Józef Tokarz
Trumpet – Krzysztof Ciurysek
Contrabass – Sebastian Słupski
Flute – Joanna Blicharz