Song and Dance Ensemble Zamojszczyzna – 1985 – 2010…


In 1985, thanks to the efforts of the administration of the Voivodeship House of Culture in Zamość, the children’s dance ensemble “Gaik” was founded. In under a year, its line-up was expanded by two youth dance groups and a folk band. First costumes and musical instruments were bought. After one and a half years of existence, in October 1987, by the decision of the authorities of the time, the ensemble was given the name of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna” and the title of the representative ensemble of the Zamość voivodeship…

Mrs. Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst is the ensemble’s artistic director and choreographer. The folk band had been directed for 15 years (1985 – 2000) by Waldemar Skóra. Now Wojciech Tybulczuk has taken his place.

The ensemble plays an active role in the cultural life of Zamość, gives many concerts and organizes several folklore events, notably the International Folklore Festival “Eurofolk”, which it is the co-organizer of. The activities of the ensemble are aided by the Association of Friends of the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble „Zamojszczyzna”, founded 1996.

The ensemble has received the following awards:

2010 – medal of the Voivode of Lublin
2010 – Medal of merit for Zamość
2011 – Ambassador of Zamość title awarded by the Mayor of Zamość