Ensemble staff

Since July 2015 is comprised of the following people:

Artistic director and choreographer – Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst
Band director – Jacek Szpunar
Choreographer – Monika Hildebrand
Vocal instructor – Barbara Rabiega
Accompanists – Tomasz Ziąbkowski, , Maciej Szcześniak
Costumes and props are taken care of by Alicja Bojarczuk and Beata Ciuraszkiewicz
IT assistance – Michał Ziąbkowski


photo 2015, Janusz Dziurawiec


Ensemble staff – the people without whom the youths talented in both song and dance would not be able to fulfill their artistic dreams. Needless to say, Mrs. Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst, founder and artistic director, is the most important person. Mrs. Jolanta is a very energetic, disciplined and organized person, concerned with everything related to the work of Zamojszczyzna. She is assisted by the following ladies: Alicja Bojarczuk, Barbara Rabiega and Monika Hildebrand and gentlemen: Wojciech Tybulczuk and Tomasz Ziąbkowski. All members of the ensemble’s staff are professionals in every sense of the word and it is because of them that the ensemble is able to present its rich repertoire in Poland, as well as abroad.

photo 2010 – Janusz Dziurawiec

Artistic director and choreographer – Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst
Band director – Wojciech Tybulczuk
Choreographer – Monika Hildebrand
Vocal instructor – Barbara Rabiega
Accompanists – Tomasz Ziąbkowski, Maciej Szcześniak
Costumes and props are taken care of by Alicja Bojarczuk