EUROFOLK 2011 – participants


The ensemble was founded in 1945 in Burgas.

It has performed in Belgium, Norway, Turkey, Holland, Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Macedonia, Croatia and Japan, among others.

Director: Dimitar Tonev
Choreography:Pavlina Krasteva
Musical director: Angel Ivanov




SMA AL-AZHAR Jakarta presents dances of several provinces of Indonesia, performing in characteristic costumes with the accompaniment of traditional instruments such as the gamelan, the gendang or the ketimpring. Each dance presented during the concert has its symbolic meaning, e.g. the Salama dance from Suwalesi, which is an expression of happiness and gratitude towards the Almighty for a prosperous life. The atmosphere of a good, plentiful harvest is expressed here in form of beautifully arranged movements.

The ensemble has been on to Malaysia, China, Turkey, Holland, Germany, Poland and Italy.

Director: Meta Handayani
Choreographer: Lidia Denok Soegiman



La Fundación Artística del Tundama” is an NGO founded in 1997 by Felisa Hurtado. The foundation consists of dancers with an interest in Colombian folklore and culture.

“La Fundación Artística del Tundama” has represented Colombia at various festivals, e.g. in Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Austria, Hungary and Serbia.

The foundation currently comprises adult, youth and children’s sections.

The ensemble presents the folklore of various regions of Colombia, the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast and the Andean region.

Director: Felisa Hurtado
Choreography: Richard Suarez



Ballet Folklorico Orizaba IRBAO was founded in 1970 as part of the Regional Institute of Fine Arts Orizaba, IRBAO.

The ensemble has taken part in several folklore festivals, e.g. in Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Chiapas, Mexico, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Michoacan and Mexico City.

Director and choreographer: Jose Alberto Ramirez Solorio








The “Novi Beograd” folk dance ensemble from Belgrade, Serbia was founded in 1974 and has since given concerts in several European countries: Italy, Spain, Hungary, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Greece, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and their international festivals.

Their line-up comprises approx. 40 dancers and musicians presenting the dances, customs and attire from various regions of Serbia.

Director: Andjelka Milic



The ensemble was founded in 1962. Its members are amateurs united by their love of tradition and national heritage. The dance ensemble is accompanied by the „Alpine” folk ensemble.

„Grifon” has presented its program at festivals in Austria, Holland, France, Turkey, Portugal and Italy.

It is also the organizer of the International Folklore Festival in Zalec.

Director: Bogdan Kumperger


Óvári Gazdász

The ensemble was founded in 1957. It is comprised of students of the Agriculture University of Halaszi. The ensemble presents mainly the music and folk dances of the Carpathian region. The dance group is accompanied by the „Kislaptaros” and „Radak” folk bands. The ensemble has given concerts in France, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Germany, among others. The ensemble has won many awards at Hungarian folklore festivals.

Artistic director: Dr Orbán József
Choreographer: Mrekva Tibor


Ilyuk Vandzhurakiv

This family ensemble was founded in 1982 in the village of Vipche, which has a long history of cultivating Hutsulian traditions and customs. It was founded by Vasiliy Vandzhurak, who had directed the ensemble for 12 years. In 1994 his brother, Michael Yuriyovych, has taken over for him.

The ensemble has gained popularity after its first performance at the regional folk art review organized annually in Verhovina. It has also won awards at regional Hutsulian festivals. Presenting Hutsulian art, it has earned recognition not only in Ukraine, but also abroad – in Poland, Belarus, France, Russia, Hungary and Lithuania.

Director: Michael Vandzhurak