Eurofolk 2005 – participants


The „CIFRA” folk ensemble was founded in 1999 right in the heart of Morawy, in the city of Uherské Hradišti by young graduates of the music school, where they gained a lot of expertise and success.
After one year of existence the musical ensemble under the direction of Petra Cihala, who played first fiddle, joined the dance ensemble directed by choreographer Lenka Kravaèkova.
Nowadays the „CIFRA” ensemble is cited among the most famous ensembles of the Uherské Hradištì region. It has gone on tour to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.
In it repertoire the ensemble tries to revive and enhance the best folk traditions of the Morawy region, famous for its unique and rich culture, as well as Slovakia.


The „ZAACBE” ensemble was founded in 1993.
Its members come from Mexican families. Children, youths and adults alike dance in the ensemble. They are united by their love of Latin American traditions and the return to their great Aztec past.
Everyone is looking for a way to share their Mexican character, their hearts and souls through songs, dances and music performed during concerts.
The ensemble has performed on many stages locally and abroad, e.g. in USA, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan and France.


The ensemble operates within the Ataturk School in the popular tourist destination Fethiye. The school cultivates Turkish national traditions through folk dance ensembles in 3 age groups (from 7 to 23 years). All groups perform in traditional folk attire and present national and regional Turkish dances. The ensemble has performed in many European and Asian countries. It was their first time in Zamość.


The „PERŁA KRYMU” folk dance ensemble was founded in September 1995 as part of the art school’s choreography department.
The school teaches folk and classical dance to approx. 200 children. The main core of the ensemble comprises 60 members, aged 7-16. The ensemble is accompanied by an orchestra of 17 musicians. The repertoire of „PERŁA KRYMU” features folk dances of various regions of Ukraine, as well as different countries.
It has won several awards at both national and international festivals. It won the „FOLK AMATEUR” title in 1996.


The Lemko Song and Dance Ensemble „KYCZERA” was founded in 1991.
Its founder and artistic director is Jerzy Starzyński, the members are young Lemkos from Lower Silesia, mostly the vicinity of Legnica.
The ensemble is one of the few ones promoting Lemko folklore. It performs in original Lemko attire from Nowa Wieś near Krynica, Świątkowa Wielka, Komańcza and the vicinity of Bardejov and Svidnik in Slovakia.
„KYCZERA” has been awarded several times at competitions and festivals in Poland and abroad for its presentations. For the entirety of its achievements, the ensemble was given the Oskar Kolberg Award, the Culture Foundation Award and the Award of the Ukrainian Cabinet.
The ensemble presented its program at festivals in Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Germany, Portugal, Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine.
The ensemble is the host of the “Pod Kyczerą” festival for ethnic and national minorities in Legnica, and within it operates the only Lemko Culture Center in Poland.


The „BRANKO MARKOVIC” Cultural and Artistic Association was founded in 1994 in Surduk.
The Association currently comprises 250 members in different sections, e.g. the “SREM” vocal group, the “VOJVODINA” female vocal group, a folk band and soloists.
The ensemble presents artistically elaborated songs and folk dances from different regions of Serbia.
It has performed at many competitions and festivals, both nationally and abroad. It has presented its program in Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Ukraine and Slovakia.