Eurofolk 2002 – participants



The „Buducnost” ensemble was founded in 1984 in Dobanovci. Currently the ensemble comprises 240 permanent members and about 120 of “rotationary” ones. Since its foundation the ensemble has given over 600 concerts in Yugoslavia and abroad. The ensemble participated in several international folklore festivals such as Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Luxembourg, Germany and Bulgaria. Its repertoire consists of folk dances from all regions of Yugoslavia, Sumadija, East Serbia, Banatu, Srem, the Bujanovac region, Pirot, Nis, Leskowac, Vranje


The group was founded in 1947 by a group of young people enamored with the folk art and tradition of their region – Burgundy. The costumes in which the dancers perform are ethnographically faithful. Currently the ensemble comprises about 30 dancers and musicians of various ages. Their love of dance is passed down from generation to generation. Thus one can see whole families on stage. They have already gone on tour to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Greece, italy, Romania, Yugoslavia and Austria. Their appearance during our festival was their second visit in Poland.


The Folk Dance Ensemble „Kis – Duna” was founded in 1980. Until 1997 it had existed under the name of „Rozmaring”. In its ranks are high school and university students. The ensemble presents the music and folk dances of the Carpathian Basin. It has participated in several festivals, visited Slovakia, Austria and other European countries. It has won many awards at several Hungarian amateur and professional festivals.


The „Radość- Buzanie” ensemble from Lviv was founded in 1978. It works within the Children’s and Youth Cultural Center in Lviv. With its repertoire, the ensemble presents Ukrainian national dances: Hutsulian dances, the hopak, the cossack, the kolomyja and others. The dance ensemble is accompanied by an excellent band. The ensemble has won many awards at several competitions and international festivals.