4th International Folklore Festival
„Eurofolk” 2005

The 4th International Folklore Festival „EUROFOLK – Zamość 2005″ took place on July 20th-24th, 2005.

The following ensembles participated in the festival:

„CIFRA” – Czech Republic
„ZAACBE” – Mexico
„PERŁA KRYMU” – Ukraine
„KYCZERA” – Poland
Song and Dance Ensemble „ZAMOJSZCZYZNA” – Poland, the hosts of the festival.

Program of the festival:

– parade through the streets of Zamość
– festival concerts – Great Market Square

– festival concerts – Great Market Square
– festival concerts – the stage next to the Hypernova shopping mall in Zamość

– festival concerts – Great Market Square
– festival concerts – the stage next to the Hypernova shopping mall in Zamość

– festival concerts – Great Market Square
– performance of the folk bands
– folk art fair

– festival concerts – Great Market Square
– finale concert
– folk art fair


Jolanta Kalinowska-Obst, Andrzej Lewczyk, Witold Maziarczyk

During the parade, the procession stopped from time to time, so that each ensemble in turn could present a short fragment of its program to the spectators, thereby giving them a foretaste of what the next few days at the Great Market Square in Zamość had in store.

On Thursday representatives of all ensembles in costume with their respective directors went to the City Hall of Zamość, where in the Consulatus Hall they were given a reception by Mr. Marcin Zamoyski, the mayor of Zamość.
During that visit there was a exchange of gifts between the mayor and the ensemble representatives, as well as some refreshments.

Sunday – 5PM. The finale concert with the participation of all ensembles started at the Great Market Square. The only people missing were the “KYCZERA” ensemble from Poland, who had to leave early for another festival.
The concert was comprised of two parts. In each part, each ensemble had approx. 15 minutes allotted for its program.

The Market Square once again resounded with folk music, music from different parts of Europe, while the dancers tried their best to look good. The Czech ensemble did an encore of one dance, in which male dancers lifted their partners high above their heads. Mexicans once again took people from the audience to dance together on stage. Serbians were absolutely captivating in their dance with drums and intricate steps, Turks in their rich and varied attire and energetic steps, Ukraine in their display of the “hopak” dance. Needless to say, the hosts of the festival, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Zamojszczyzna”, were present and doing their utmost to please the audience as much as the guests, and to make sure everyone is satisfied, ensembles and the audience alike, despite them having different requirements.

Little Caroline (translated name) from Mexico was chosen to be the miss of the festival. Michaela from the Czech Republic, a really likable and charming female dancer, was the runner-up.

Andrew from the Czech Republic was chosen to be the festival’s mister, with Wowa from Ukraine as the runner-up. Apart from that the most likable pair from Zamojszczyzna was chosen. The honor was bestowed upon our colleague Agnieszka and her partner Tomek, both from the first youth group. All of the winners were awarded with great applause, as well as gifts.

The Zamojszczyzna folk band decided to honor the efforts of their fellow musicians during this spectacle. Thus they came to the conclusion that they should choose and announce to everyone which band among the guest ensembles they think was the best and the most likable. The commendation was given to the band of the CIFRA ensemble from the Czech Republic. A round of applause proved that the audience was of equal mind as the Zamojszczyzna band. Mr. Wojciech Tybulczuk, the Zamojszczyzna band director, assured that all bands were great, but the Czech band deserves something more and gave them complimentary gifts from the Polish musicians.

The 4th International Folklore Festival „EUROFOLK – Zamość 2005″ came to an end. The audience went back to their homes, the ensembles started packing and making preparations for the return trip. What is left in store for the technical staff, is the lengthy process of cleaning up the chairs from the audience, the tents and the amplification equipment.

The 5th International Folklore Festival „EUROFOLK – Zamość 2006″ is planned for next year, so let us take the chance to invite you right now to come and see this amazing spectacle.